JomSocial Pro v4.6.0


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The next update of the JomSocial PRO component for Joomla is a powerful network communication tool with all the functions of a modern social network that will allow both a professional and a website owner with basic knowledge to turn their resources into a convenient, understandable and interesting place for interactive communication, attracting new and retaining existing users. Create your own social network with a unique logo, graphics and themes. The community view is easily customized by editing embedded templates. This way your community will start working in the blink of an eye. A lot of plug-ins, dozens of modules, full localization with the Russian language and all the amenities to configure your own powerful network communication tool.



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New Feature
NEW FEATURE Poll option for Groups and Events
IMPROVEMENTSRemove post status facebook option
IMPROVEMENTSloads facebook login button resources even when user is "logged in",
IMPROVEMENTSImprove Poll translation
IMPROVEMENTSVideo Privacy issue on sharing video
IMPROVEMENTSAdd Private event option for frontpage postbox
Bug fixes
BUG FIXPoll notification show the wrong message
BUG FIXVideo Privacy issue on video page category filter
BUG FIXGot notice error on event detail page
BUG FIX[Backend] Got empty bar on subpages
BUG FIX[Poll] Superuser cannot vote on event or group page if he has not joined group or event yet
BUG FIXStill, show create poll button when user left the event
BUG FIX[Poll] Can not show poll on event activities stream
BUG FIXCant show facebook login button
BUG FIXGot error message after logout
BUG FIX[Poll] Missing message alert when user create new poll on group or event page
BUG FIX[Poll] Got message error when disabling Poll creation
BUG FIX[poll] Correct message popup
BUG FIX[Poll] Got notice error when view super user's polls