iJoomla SEO Pro v3.1.19


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Manage all your meta tags on ONE page, and save 95% of your time doing SEO.
Our Joomla Tag Meta Manager saves 95% of the time you would have spent doing Joomla SEO. It provides a single page on which you can see a list of all your articles and edit many of the keywords, descriptions and titles at once.
  • Select Item Types(1). You can choose between articles, menu items or any of our supported extensions: K2, Zoo, Mighty Resources, VirtueMart, WordPress, iJoomla Magazine, iJoomla DigiStore, iJoomla News Portal.
  • Filter Your Articles (2) . Find only the pages that are missing a title, keywords or a description metatag, allowing you to focus on the problematic articles.
  • Spot Missing Metatags. Pages that lack metatags are highlighted in yellow for easy searching.
  • Focus Your SEO. You can also filter articles by section, category, author or keyword, so you can organize your SEO efforts.
  • Auto-Generate Descriptions (4) . Create automated description metatags from an article’s introduction or full text.
  • Auto-Generate Title and Keyword Metatags (5) . Use a range of fields to generate other metatags. For example, the title metatags can be generated from the article' title and keywords from the title metatag.
  • Track Remaining Characters (6) . iJoomla SEO provides the recommended 64 characters for title and keyword metatags, and 200 characters for descriptions. You can change this setting on the settings page and keep track of the amount of space left in the tag.
  • Compare and Contrast (7) . As you enter your metatags, you'll be able to view the article in a new window so that you’re sure you’re entering the most appropriate terms.
  • Target Your Searches (8) . Search and find the articles you want to edit.
So what would you rather do? Spend hours editing Joomla Tag Meta or sit on the beach? We know… as a dedicated Internet publisher and fan of Joomla, you’d much rather spend the day editing meta tags than lying on the sand with a pina colada in your hand, sun block on your face and the surf tickling your toes.