Is A Good Storage System The Key To Your Emotional Peace?

It is very true that there is a direct relationship between cleanliness and order in the home with our emotional health . And there is nothing more satisfactory than having a home that allows us to store our belongings in a practical way and, above all, aesthetically.

Regardless of your decorative style, California Closets offers you a storage system tailored to your space, your tastes and your needs. Exceptional designs that, without fear of being wrong, will transform the way you live your home.


Optimizing space is one of the priorities when it comes to organization and practicality, especially in these times of confinement where the house has become the place to develop our professional and personal lives.

For this reason, California Closets has the innovative “wall bed” , a product that allows you to design multifunctional rooms without having to resort to additional square meters. The “wall bed” folds out at night to ensure rest, and during the day you can store it away to maximize the space you need for daily activities.

Dressing room

Regardless of whether your dressing room is small or large, this space will help you maintain an agile routine , since you can have your clothes, shoes and accessories in view, and thus waste less time choosing what to wear.

With high-quality doors and drawers, amazing finishes, and great lighting, your walk-in closet will look better than ever. In addition, California Closets offers you the option of placing a center island, support benches and various customizable accessories such as adjustable shelves, drawers, baskets and accessories for belts, scarves and ties.


The pantry is, without a doubt, one of the sites that requires the most organization. In order to visualize our products and utensils, we require an accessible and resistant storage system at the same time .

Contemplating the various items that can be stored in a cupboard, California Closets created specialty accessories for wines and bottles, as well as slide-out attachments for canning or linens, and vertical partitions for frequently used items.

Home Office

In current times it is common for people to work from home. For some it has been a novelty, while for others it was already part of their daily lives. Whatever your case, you will agree on the importance of defining a space specifically to work .

Organizing your home office allows you to be more productive and more easily spot your priorities for the day, week, and month. Create a friendly and efficient work environment, but above all, tailored to your needs, with the help of bookcases and shelves that allow you to store objects, and cabinets under the desk to store office supplies and computer equipment.

Laundry room

Make laundry a practical process , especially if you have a large family. Ideally, your work area should have areas to fold clothes, towels and linens, store cleaning products, and even include an ironing area. Of course, all this depends on the amount of space you have.

Waiting room

A quintessential family gathering place. This space requires great design and functionality to create a comfortable, relaxed and harmonious environment.

Customize your storage system with drawers to store entertainment equipment, toys and other objects that you want to have close but hidden. In addition, good lighting increases the functionality of your system. You can choose the type of luminaire you want, be it light boxes, light strips or LED lamps.

California Closets, exceptional design for your home

California Closets is a company that creates personalized, aesthetic and functional storage systems for any room in your house . Its 360 designs contemplate everything you could need, in addition to a storage system with high quality finishes, accessories to complement your closet, lighting, doors, drawers, shelves and covers, as well as decorative hardware.

In addition, throughout the creation process, a highly qualified designer will work hand in hand with you to find the right option for your budget and needs.